Advantages of the modular antibody complex system compared to conventional bi-specific antibodies and CAR T cells

  1. Shorter development time (as fast as six weeks from sequence to functional molecule)
  2. Variable therapy by changing the target module (e.g. in case of therapy resistance)
  3. Dual targeting (and more) possible.
  4. Addition of costimulatory ligands to the targeting module possible.
  5. The same target module for antibody-based and CAR-based therapy
  6. The UniCAR system is much safer than conventional strategies

Rationale for shortened development time

Developing a new conventional bi-specific antibody takes time, as the new target binding moiety affects the properties of the T cell binding moiety due to their close proximity. The consequence is a time consuming optimization procedure. This labor intensive process is obsolete, due to the spacial distance between target and T cell binding moiety in our modular system.