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Modular Technology - faster Targeted Therapies

Our modular antibody-complex technology combines the target-binding moieties of different antibodies. Together with the multi-functional linker of our modular system, they constitute the innovative GEMoaB constructs (Figure). These bi- or multi-specific antibody complexes have comparable functionality and efficacy to conventional bi- or multi-specific antibodies; however their development time is significantly shortened.

A universal effector module (UniEM) mediates activation of T cells, which culminates in specific target cell lysis. A new targeting strategy simply requires the generation of a novel target module based on a specific monoclonal antibody or ligand.

The same target module can be used in conjunction with our safe and innovative UniCAR technology. Therefore, patient T cells are transduced ex vivo with a universal chimeric antigen receptor (UniCAR), which together with the targeting module mediates lysis of target cells by UniCAR T cells as shown in the figure.


grafik 1

GEMoaB’s modular antibody complex technology and universal chimeric antigen receptor technology. A universal effector module (UniEM) and target modules (TM) mediate the binding of normal T cells to antigens on the surface of tumor cells (A). The UniEM binds the T cell receptor (TCR) complex. Several antigens can be targeted sequentially or simultaneously using individual TMs (here TM1 and TM2) or a bivalent TM (B). Alternatively, TMs mediate the binding of T cells carrying universal chimeric antigen receptors (UniCAR) to tumor cells (C). Both cases result in the elimination of the tumor cell as a result of T cell activation.

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